Vocational Assessments

Vocational Assessment

Ultima Independent Assessments Corp. is well recognized for the development, implementation and monitoring of individual Vocational Rehabilitation Programs/Plans. To facilitate successful Vocational Rehabilitation Planning and Work Transition, we determine and implement the best possible combination of services.

Vocational Rehabilitation services prepare individuals in transition to achieve a lifestyle of independence and integration within their workplace, family and community. This transition is achieved through vocational evaluation, job preparation, job search assistance, work re-integration, and medical and therapeutic services.

Vocational Analysis & Assessments
This type of assessment is often requested for persons who are unable to return to work in their typical job or lifestyle activities due to the restrictions imposed by an injury. A vocational assessment can also help to identify vocational alternatives that are consistent with a person’s aptitudes, interests, skills, and physical abilities. A transferable skills analysis may also be included with each report.

The Vocational Assessment test battery will typically consist of:
– Aptitude Testing (General Aptitude Test Battery)
– Work Preferences (Interest Testing)
– Literacy/Numeracy Skills

Vocational Analysis (Transferable Skills Analysis)
The Vocational Analysis (TSA) is a comprehensive representation of a person’s work history, work activities, transferable skills and abilities, education, work experience, vocational interests and attributes, personality indicators, and preferred work values.  In the case of injury or disability, residual functional capacities can also be considered by adjusting the worker traits associated with their work history. This data is then used to identify a set of occupations that a worker would be able to perform.

Vocational Assessments & Testing
At Ultima Independent Assessments Corp., we utilize numerous assessments, career inventories and decision-making tools to assist our clients to make the best career decisions possible. Our Vocational Assessment Tools fall into two specific categories:
1. Competency or Performance Assessments – Our Competency or Performance Assessments measure areas such as knowledge, skills, aptitudes and/or abilities.

2. Self-directed Assessments – Our Self-directed Assessments determine preferences in critical work areas such as Interests, Work Values, Personality Type, Work Styles, Work Culture, Work Environment & Lifestyle Preferences

Skills Profile and Skill GAP Analysis
A Skills Profile is an inventory of an individual’s skill base. A Skills Profile is pre-requisite to a Skills Gap Analysis. The Skill Gap Analysis identifies the skills that a person does not currently possess, but needs in order to meet the requirements of specific targeted occupation. A Skill Gap Analysis is the basis for an effective Training Plan