Vocational Assessments

Employability Assessment

An Employability Assessment is a detailed analysis of an individual’s residual employability through the use of medical, vocational and psycho-vocational assessments. Ultima Independent Assessments Corp. has years of experience preparing Employability Assessments for a variety of vocational and legal purposes.

Once it has been determined that an individual has reached a maximum medical recovery, and a thorough case review and applicable interviews have been conducted, Ultima Independent Assessments Corp. will summarize an individual’s actual employability. With supporting Labour Market Information, Ultima Independent Assessments Corp. will research suitable occupations that are considered to be reasonably available in specified geographic regions. This information is invaluable to assess future or potential income loss post-injury or illness (earning’s test). Given our extensive experience in Vocational Rehabilitation and adherence to the ethical standards outlined by the Canadian Association of Rehabilitation Professionals (CARP), we specialize in Employability Assessments. The Workers’ Compensation Boards and the Provincial Supreme Courts consider us to be Experts in this field.

In order to make valid conclusions regarding employability, Ultima Independent Assessments Corp. incorporates numerous factors to complete an Employability Assessment. Some of these factors include:
– Comprehensive review of all medical and/or psychological information
– Thorough investigation of an individual’s vocational history to identify transferable skills and other occupational attributes
– Detailed look at the individual’s socio-economic status in order to identify possible barriers to employment or factors that enhance employability
– Full review of physical, environmental and psychological abilities and/or restrictions for alternate employment
– If employment is not a consideration, we will identify how the individual’s injury or illness has impacted on their daily living activities
– In some cases, extensive Labour Market Research is completed to identify current and viable work opportunities including starting and future earnings potential