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Cost of Future Care

The “cost of future care” is defined as the total estimated cost of medical care and treatment required to restore the victim of personal injury to a state of complete well-being before the accident happened. These are specific to each client or based on the circumstances surrounding the case. What makes it more complicated is that each of these elements should be according to those stipulated in the law. Please note that cost of future care is different from loss of future earning capacity.

The first requirement when calculating for the cost of future care or any type of medical cost is that these should be directly related to the accident. Some of the things that should be considered include:

  • Medications and drugs used during the course of treatment
  • Professional fees for medical and non-medical personnel directly involved in the care and rehabilitation of the victim
  • Special medical equipment used to assist the person in performing daily activities
  • Hospital, transportation and housing costs
  • All expenses related to lifestyle changes resulting from injury (installation of wheelchair ramps in the home, special driving equipment and modifications). Future costs include all financial expenses related to restoring the victim of personal injury to their physical state before the accident. In cases of long term disability, cost of future care covers all medical expenses involved in helping the person recover from injury.

Significant concerns to be addressed by a Life Care Plan and a presentation of the costs of future care will also include:

  • The level of attendant care required
  • Appropriate combination of professional services
  • The need for a Rehabilitation Support Worker