Medical Assessments

Independent Medical Evaluations

Independent Medical EvaluationsUltima Independent Assessments Corp. offers independent medical evaluations in the following medical specialties: Occupational Medicine, Orthopaedics, Psychiatry, Internal Medicine (including Cardiology, Neurology, Respirology and Rheumatology), as well as assessments in Aviation Medicine, and individuals who suffer from chronic pain.

Documentary Review or File Review
A documentary file review is completed by a physician to determine fitness to work, to identify barriers to returning to work, to make recommendations for rehabilitation or returning to work, and to advise on further interventions or assessment requirements.

Independent Medical Evaluation (IME)
This medical assessment and comprehensive report includes a review of the medical documents provided; health, occupation, education and social history; physical examination; administration of questionnaires for pain and examinee perception of disability; opinion on causality and prognosis for recovery/return to work; recommendations for treatment, further intervention, rehabilitation and fitness for work. This service is provided to lawyers, insurance companies, employers, and government and union examinees.

Independent Psychiatric Evaluation (IPE)
This assessment and comprehensive report includes a review of documents, thorough interview with the examinee, mental status evaluation and psychometric testing. A detailed report is provided outlining a diagnosis, recommendations for returning to work and possible treatment options where appropriate.

Multidisciplinary Service
Independent Medical EvaluationsAn Occupational Health Physician oversees and summarizes the findings of assessments across several different disciplines (medical specialists and related professionals) for complex and chronic cases (for instance, chronic pain, chronic fatigue, or fibromyalgia) and provides a final fitness to work report, including diagnostic clarification and treatment recommendations as well addressing further questions in the letter of instruction.

A file review is completed by the medical consultant, to assist in adjudication or case management decisions regarding medical treatment, physical rehabilitation, or the need for further assessment or intervention.

Expert Testimony
Our consultants (physicians or physiotherapists/occupational therapists) are well versed in court procedures, and our duties to assist the Court in preparing medical legal reports. We also provide expert testimony at mediation, arbitration and tribunals. (Fees are based on the BCMA or CPT Guidelines).