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Firefighter Medical Assessments

Management and Fitness for Duty

The Problem:

  • Firefighter Medical Assessments - FirefightersFirefighters are three times more prone to heart attacks than people working in other occupations.
  • Heart attacks are the biggest killer of firefighters over 40 years old.
  • According to the NFPA in its report U.S. Firefighter Fatalities Due to Sudden Cardiac Death 1995-2004, of the 1,006 on-duty firefighter fatalities over the 10-year period, 440 (43.7 % ) fell into the category of sudden cardiac death.
  • Firefighters over 40 have increased risk factors for heart attacks, many of which may not have been identified. These coupled with the requirement to take part in strenuous work create a significant problem.
  • Firefighters develop 9% more cancers of all types, and are 14% more likely to die of cancer than age matched controls in the general population.

The Solutions:

  • Firefighter Medical Assessments - FirefightersUltima has developed and is operating a best practice Firefighter Fitness for Duty / Health Promotion Program using NFPA 1582 guidelines.
  • This program operates locally and around the Province by way of a Physician / Med Tech team that travels to the designated Fire Hall, performing examinations on-site. We currently assist a number of Fire Departments and their Unions in British Columbia, working with applicants, volunteers and fulltime Firefighters.
  • The Program gives Firefighters awareness and tools aimed at maintaining their health, a requirement for ongoing Fitness for Duty.
  • Ultima Physicians also assist specific fire departments with research projects that identify health risk factors and applicable medical screening processes. This establishes medical baselines and allows for subsequent monitoring.
  • Departments can ensure that firefighters with health issues are more secure in bringing to management’s attention the need for health / function based workplace accommodations when appropriate without fear of job loss.
  • Individuals who most need help tend to be the least likely to ask, but this program allows for workplace modifications, while maintaining strict Medical Confidentiality within Ultima. Only Fit/Unfit/Fit with restrictions (described), are reported back to the Fire Dept.

Please Contact Pat Cuffe, Ultima Medical Services Inc. at #604-270-1100 for a Free Consultation regarding the above. Firefighter Medical Assessments available at Lysander Lane office location.

Firefighter Preplacement & Health Promotion Programs

NFPA 1582

NFPA - National Fire Protection Association - FirefightersUltima Medical is becoming recognized as being a leader in Firefighter Preplacement and Annual Health Promotion / Fitness for duty Programs. Standards are based on NFPA 1582 Guidelines. We recommend that all preplacement candidates and first time Firefighter participants (under 45) undergo the Bronze Program and those over 45 or with significant risk factors complete the Gold Program in order to establish medical baselines.

Bronze Program Includes:
– Personal Medical Questionnaire
– In-depth review of Personal History, family History and Risk Factors
– Comprehensive Physician Physical Examination
– Audiogram
– Vision / Distance / Near / Colour
– ECG / EKG (Electrocardiograph)
– Spirometry (Lung Function Test)
– Body Mass Index (BMI)
– Bend and Reach
– Complete blood testing (screening items included are based on large statistical validated studies in the world’s medical literature)
– FIT testing (fecal blood analysis) screening for bowel cancer early warning signs.

Firefighter Medical Assessments - FirefightersSilver Program
– All elements of the Bronze Program
– Calcium Scoring CT Scan (Age 45 and over)

Gold Program
– All elements of the Bronze Program
– Calcium Scoring CT Scan
– A Colonoscopy *

*When age, sex and associated risk factors determine need.