Medical Assessments

Executive Health Program

Ultima Medical Services Inc. Executive Medical program was designed to serve as a thorough preventative health assessment that evaluates and examines your current health risks. Ultima Medical Services Inc. Executive Programs cater to employers and their desire to protect the best interests of their organization by ensuring the wellness of their executive staff members. Many individuals, spouses and family members also choose the Ultima experience to guarantee that they are receiving the most comprehensive health care available. The decision to choose Ultima reflects a conscious decision to consider health and wellness a priority.

Ultima Medical Services Inc. Executive Medical Assessments allow the patient to receive top-level, personal health care rolled into one assessment. The result is a more thorough examination of your health, while saving time and money in comparison to the numerous appointments required through traditional examinations.

Our Executive program allows the patient to feel confident that their health and wellness is being monitored. In the event that issues arise, the patient will receive immediate attention and be provided with the proper information to make an informed decision. The costs associated with time loss negatively affect both the employer and the individual’s family. Preventative medicine is suggested to protect yourself, your family and your organization.

Ultima Medical Services Inc. offers different package programs so that you can choose the program that best suits your needs. Please contact us at 604-232-2430 for further details and pricing or download our Executive Medical brochure.

Bronze Program:
– Personal Medical Questionnaire
– In-Depth review of Personal & Family History
– Comprehensive Physician Physical Examination
– Physical Screens, lab work and investigations includes:
– Audiogram/Tympanogram , Vision, ECG, Spirometry
– Blood & Urine testing includes:
– CBC, Lipids, Glucose, Thyroid
– Assistance with expedited Specialist Referrals for assessment and treatment if available
– PSA Testing for Men (dependent on age)

Silver Program includes:
– All elements in the Bronze Executive Program
– Heart and Lung Scan (immediate results)

Gold Program includes:
– All elements in the Bronze Executive Program
– Heart and Lung Scan (immediate results)
– Abdominal Ultrasound (immediate results)

State of the art diagnostic technology: Medical Imaging (CT) detects critical illnesses at their most curable stage – and in many cases, less costly to treat. Medical imaging is center stage in prevention and early detection. Ultima Medical Services Inc. program offers Heart and Lung Scan, Abdominal Ultrasound.

Comprehensive Report: This is a comprehensive evaluation with the Ultima physician that determines future prevention, treatments and follow-ups if required.