Medical Assessments

Clinical Quarterback Assessments

Clinical Quarterback AssessmentsUltima Medical Services Inc. has designed and implemented a unique program known as the “Clinical Quarterback Assessment” (CQBA).

This program is aimed towards assisting an injured or ill employee (Physical / Mental Illness) who are absent from work, obtain accurate diagnosis, expedited imaging or specialist referrals if indicated, treatment and return to work planning. This process is initiated for those employees who are experiencing ongoing time away from work, or at the early stages of identifying and treating a mental illness. For employees who are identified with a mental illness, our Psychologists, and/or our Occupational Psychiatrist conduct an assessment, establish a treatment plan, which incorporates return to work coordination as a part of their treatment.

Ultima Medical Services Clinical Quarter Back Assessment provides an Independent Medical Physician assessment that is directed at problem solving the employee’s medical/ psychological/ workplace issues and expediting treatments/workplace modifications with the end result of an expedited return to the workplace, significantly improved recovery rates, employee satisfaction and bottom line savings. CQBA is done by an Ultima Occupational Physician at an Ultima facility and provides a rapid return to work package with Physician based problem solving that is independent of, but includes the employee’s (advocate) Physician, the employee’s case manager and the workplace Supervisor in the process. Medical confidentiality for the patient in maintained throughout.

All agreed to return to work plans are then signed off by all appropriate stakeholders and then monitored accordingly.

1. Employee signs an Ultima Medical Services Inc. Release of Information form
2. Employee has their pertinent medical/psychological history notes, forwarded to Ultima Medical Services Inc. (15 minutes)
3. Ultima Medical Services Inc. Occupational Physician will reviews the history, conduct an examination (45 minutes)

Ultima Medical Services Inc. Occupational Physical will report on Fitness for Duty, including necessary work modifications if required.