Medical Assessments

Aviation  Medicals
Ultima Medical Services Inc. is a leader in providing aviation medicals to person’s seeking Aeromedical Certification. Ultima has numerous certified (CAME) Civil Aviation Medical Examiners who provide Aeromedical Certification for both Canadian and FAA designations.
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Law Enforcement Medical Assessments
Ultima Medical Services Inc. offers Law Enforcement Assessments where visual acuity and hearing is tested, plus completing any forms required from the employer.
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Firefighter Medical Assessments
Ultima Medical is becoming recognized as being a leader in Firefighter Preplacement and Annual Health Promotion / Fitness for duty Programs. Standards are based on NFPA 1582 Guidelines.
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Marine Seafarer Medical Assessments
Ultima Medical Services Inc. can provide Seafarer’s Certification (Marine) for Transport Canada which is required for any individual working on a vessel.
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Offshore Medical Assessments
Ultima Medical Services Inc. can provide Offshore Medical Exams for Oil and Gas UK and Norwegian. Anyone working offshore needs to undergo this medical to ensure they are fit to work offshore.
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Pre-Employment Medical Assessments
Ultima Medical Services Inc. provides vital medical and physical information required in order to determine an employee’s ability to safely work in particular fields.
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Independent Medical Evaluations
Ultima Independent Assessments Corp. offers independent examinations in the following medical specialties: Occupational Medicine, Orthopaedics, Psychiatry, Internal Medicine (including Cardiology, Neurology, Respirology and Rheumatology), as well as assessments in Aviation Medicine, and individuals who suffer from chronic pain.
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Drug – Alcohol Testing and Monitoring
The topic of workplace drug screening remains an enigma for many employers who remain unclear as to the current policy and legislation regarding workplace drug screening.
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Executive Health Programs
Ultima Medical Services Inc. Executive Medical program was designed to serve as a thorough preventative health assessment that evaluates and examines your current health risks.
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Clinical Quarterback Assessments
This program is aimed towards assisting an injured or ill employee (Physical / Mental Illness) who are absent from work, obtain accurate diagnosis, expedited imaging or specialist referrals if indicated, treatment and return to work planning.
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