Disability Management

Disability Policy Development

Disability Management is a proactive, Return-to-Work process for individuals suffering from injury / illness, which coordinates the activities of Labour, Management, Insurance Carriers, Healthcare Providers and Vocational Rehabilitation Professionals. It is designed to minimize the impact of economic, human, and social costs of disabilities, to workers and society at large. The process is workplace based, managed and directed in consultation and cooperation with all relevant parties.

Disability Management strategies targeted at the effective and safe reintegration of injured and ill Workers back to the workforce have demonstrated significant benefits in measurability reducing the economic and social costs of disabilities on Employers, Workers, Insurance and Rehabilitation Providers, government and society. National and international research has identified the key success factors in the effective implementation of these Disability Management and Return-to-Work strategies, which will consistently produce positive measurable economic and social outcomes across a broad range of organizational  settings and jurisdictional boundaries.

The Disability Management Process is not just concerned with Return-to-Work issues.  Injury/illness prevention is paramount to success.  Ergonomic and Workplace Assessments, Transitional Work, Functional Capacity Evaluations, Worksite/Equipment Modifications, Community and Medical Community Education are all integral to this process.

An effective Disability Management Program is of benefit to all Stakeholders:
– Workers recover significantly quicker, allowing them to maintain attachment to the workplace and regain normal life activities
– The company retains experienced and valued employees and reduces costs related to disabilities
– The Union provides a valued service to their members and retains membership
– There is a lessened demand on the health care and other social services, thus benefiting society at large
– The company experiences significant cost savings in Workers’ Compensation and non-occupational claims
– The company realizes decreased costs for overtime, temporary workers, recruitment, training, supervisor time, and loss of productivity
– Workers require less support from government sources, resulting in overall tax savings
– Workers view the company as ‘a good place to work’
– The company meets requirements of the Human Rights Act

DM Implementation Training – Ultima Medical Services Inc. Medical has developed an effective training system for all key players at the worksite.

We can provide training packages for Senior Management, Supervisors, Labour Leaders, First Aid Attendants, DM Committee Members and Employees.  The modules are specifically designed to meet the needs of all key players in the organization.

Federal & Provincial Legislation Training – Ultima Medical can provide a ‘Blueprint’ to organizations that meets all legislative requirements (Duty to Accommodate, Human Rights, etc.).

Not only is this socially conscious, but can also save an organization thousands of dollars in potential legal costs.