Disability Management

Disability Case Management

Case Management is part of the Disability Management process and is specific to the management of an individual’s injury or illness (occupational and non-occupational). The main components of effective Case Management are early and accurate diagnosis – prognosis – recovery program & Return-to-Work planning.

Ultima Independent Assessments Corp. recognizes the significant human and corporate benefits of an efficient Case Management Model. We also recognize the legislative mandate of accurately maintaining files and providing concise documentation that is in keeping with both confidentiality and all Federal and Provincial legislative requirements.

The Case Management goal is to coordinate, monitor and evaluate physical/psychological rehabilitation in conjunction with the identification of suitable work. Ultima Independent Assessments Corp. coordinates and monitors an individual’s Case Management needs with the Insurers (Workers’ Compensation Systems/Short Term and/or Long Term Disability Carriers), Medical/Psychological Communities and Employer/Union Groups.

Our Case Managers are focused on two primary issues:
The ability of an employee to Return-to-Work
The interventions that are required to assist the Employee to Return-to-Work