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YVR Airport Clinic

Airport Medical Clinic - Ultima Medical ServicesLEVEL 1, Domestic Terminal Building, YVR International Airport
P.O. Box 32301 Richmond YVR Terminal RPO
Richmond, British Columbia,
Canada. V7B 1W2

Telephone: #604-207-6900
Facsimile: #604-207-8400
Email: Use The Contact Form Below
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Ultima Medicals occupational and travel medicine clinic at Vancouver International Airport provides first aid, WCB assessments and the treatment of worker illness and injury. Our team of specialized physicians can address all your Travel and Occupational Health medical concerns. The clinic also welcomes new Family Practice patients. Visit the Ultima Medical Walk-in and Travel Clinic for all your health and safety needs, including: counselling, prescriptions, travel vaccines (including Hepatitis A&B) & supplies.

Airport Medical ClinicULTIMA is committed to providing employers with an extensive range of effective occupational health services. Our team of dedicated and experienced occupational health specialists will be providing flu vaccinations this fall at the Vancouver Airport Medical Clinic and are available to administer directly at an employer’s work-site with minimal disruption.

The Human Influenza, commonly known as the ‘flu’, is a respiratory infection caused by the influenza virus. Flu strains circulate every year and thrive in closed environments. The flu virus is easily transmitted and can infect up to one in four working Canadians each winter season. The typical recovery period can take anywhere between 3-10 days.

    • Ultima Medical is located inside the Vancouver International Airport in Richmond, B.C.
    • We are on the Domestic Terminal side on Level 1, Health Care Services level, which is the lowest level on the Domestic Side.
    • It is one level below Domestic Arrivals.
    • On this level we have a 7-Eleven, Liquor Store, Pharmacy, Dentist, a Dry-Cleaners and our Medical Clinic.
    • The Domestic Terminal is marked by the Canadian Flag    
    • If you are driving, it is the far end of the airport as you have to pass both the US and the International section before you get to the Domestic Terminal side.
    • If you come by the Canada Line Skytrain, marked YVR Airport, turn left once the train arrives at YVR Terminal station, go through the double doors, go down the escalator, and then turn left. Go in the middle where there are gift shops and turn left at the Virgin Book store. Go down 2 sets of Escalators and turn right at the 7-Eleven.
    • If you get turned around there is an Information center plus volunteers wearing green vests that can help assist you.
    • NOTE: There is a smaller YVR South Airport but we are not at that location.
    • GPS NOTE: Please note that if you enter in Ultima Medical into your GPS, it may give you our Head office location at 390-3600 Lysander Lane. We are not at that location, but are at the YVR International Airport.

This is the view outside of Domestic Level 1.

This is where the Hotel Shuttles, Jet Set Parking, and Airline Shuttles drop off and pick up people.

It is one level below Domestic Arrivals.

If you see this view, simply go through both sets of double doors and turn left at the Pharmacy. We are at the end of that corridor.

YVR Airport Outside View

Airport Medical ClinicThis is the view if you came in the Domestic Arrivals doors. You will see both an escalator down and a ramp to walk down to Level 1. Turn right when you see the 7-Eleven as we are on the same side as the Pharmacy. (We are on the same side as the arrow)

This is what our sign looks like at the end of the corridor.

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